TEN YRS LTR: Studio Book

Concrete Centre – Futurebuild 2019

Concrete Futures focuses on innovation and digitisation with a play-on-words to infer a safe, secure future.

We were asked to design an abstract and contemporary backdrop for the graphic wall of this feature.
Multicoloured lines representing different sectors, different professions and cultures all converge into a single band across the stand towards the Concrete Futures logotype.
The cut through the words carries the movement in the direction of progression.

Stand design © The Opcyon Design Company

The Singh Twins: Slaves of Fashion

Slaves of Fashion, an exhibition by internationally-renowned artists; the Singh Twins.

Severn were invited to join the team at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery to help with the staging of the exhibition of almost 20 new artworks.

The exhibition consisted of 11 printed fabric lightboxes, each one highlighting a different theme relating to India’s textile industry.

“These new works by The Singh Twins show the history of Indian textiles, the British Empire, enslavement and luxury consumerism, and their relevance today”

Further artworks on display explored the relationship between trade, conflict and consumerism in an age of Empire and the modern day.

Slaves of Fashion Series ©The Singh Twins