Branding / Graphic Design / Identity / Logo Design / Social Media

Concrete branding project

The Concrete Centre wanted us to develop their branding across all their social media platforms.

Although there was a primary logo for MPA The Concrete Centre, we identified that their audience still responded to their old ‘C’ logo which was seen to better reflect what they do. Based on this information we developed a logo variant which harked back to the old days. This variant would be used as the Avatar across all their social media platforms.

Twitter was the first to be addressed along with new headers and backgrounds for both of their accounts: @concretecentre and @thisisconcrete.

@concretecentre needed the more formal approach, designed to show what The Concrete Centre does.

@thisisconcrete needed to retain the existing logos and colour-ways but we were asked to freshen this up by showing a different treatment of them.

Their header image had always just been of a building and therefore not that aspirational, which is what the Twitter feed needed to be all about.