Corporate Literature

We produced many product brochures, case studies, and datasheets for print and digital platforms, all within the supplied corporate guidelines.

Printed Brochures
ACOs standard printed product brochure style

Digital Brochures
Some key product brochures were reset as downloadable PDFs, formatted for on-screen viewing to help lower the Company’s carbon footprint. These PDF versions contain user navigation and online content integration.

Subject-Specific Brochures
Separate initiatives pushed by ACO could result in a project which broke out of the standard visual template. These alternative layouts followed suit to the corporate guidelines in terms of the grid structures and colour pallet.

Corporate Overview Brochure
Titled ‘Beneath the Surface’, a behind-the-scenes overview looks at ACO as they celebrated their 30th anniversary.
The main brochure was printed on semi-transparent paper, representing the peeling back of the layers as the reader works their way through. Stitched into the centre is a full-colour section telling case studies, highlighting innovation awards, celebrated product developments and key events; the company in the public eye.


Ecobuild 2016. ExCel London

Product detail panels 250x250mm

Main Stand
10x5m Floorspace

Conference Area – Live Broadcast
12x10m Floorspace

Ecobuild 2015. ExCel London

Main Stand

Pecha Kucha 20×20 Stand